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The Little Cowell

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Samantha's POV
"Hey Sammy!" Claire yelled as I walked down the hallway. "How's your dad?"
"He's in the cruise, in the caribbean, 'member I told you?" I asked her as we walked to Chemestry.
"Oh yeah" She said smiling. I smiled back, and I saw Clarie's boyfriend, Jordan, approaching us smiling at her. "Hey babe"
"Hey babygirl" Jordan cooed kissing her on the lips. I faked a gagging expression and they pulled away laughing at my face. I laughed with them too, I love doing jokes. Thats Samantha Cowell for you!
Yes I said Cowell.
Yes Simon is my uncle.
No I don't live with him, I live in America.
Yes my dad is Nicholas Cowell his brother.
Yes I've met Simon.
Yes I like him.
No, he's not that rude when he meets you personally.
"You look beautiful today Claire" Jordan said smiling at Claire, who blushed.
"You too" She said, her voice above a whisper. They continued to speak, the cheesy and usual shit... Ahh love... After 5 minutes, and a lot of cheesiness, we arrived to the Chemestry class. As I came in people waved at me. I'm... quite... popular. Just because of my uncle, of course.
"Sam! How are you?" One of my best friends, Tyler McKenzie, asked. I smiled at him and sat besides him.
"Great, I was with my aunt June, and her daughter Daniella, all day. They're great! Daniella is such a cutie... but she has bullying problems..." I sighed "How about you? I mean, how was your weake-"
"Miss Cowell?" Mr. Chavez' voice rang infront of me. I looked at him, he had a sad expression in his face. Why? I was gonna find out soon "Mr. Werner needs to talk to you" He said sadly. I just nodded and Tyler gave a me a confused gaze. I just shrugged, I've done nothing wrong so....
"Oooooh" Some guys said. I just stood up with my things and went out. As I walked down the hall, teachers gave me sad looks, and sympathic smiles. I just frowned in confusion. Was I being expelled or something? Did I had something in my face? I arrived to the directors office, and knocked the door quietly.
"Come in" I heard his voice from inside the room. Nervously, I opened the door, reveling a worried Directior. "Miss Cowell, take a seat please" He said in his thick german accent. I just nodded and sat down in front of him.
"Did I do something wrong? Because I swear, it was Tyler" I lied. Everytime if something was wrong, I blamed Tyler. He wasn't angry at all, he just laughed. That's why he's my best friend, we always joke around. Mr. Werner sighed.
"Its about your... father" He said sadly. I froze. "He... he's boat sank" I couldn't believe it. My dad.... My everything... He was gone... He promised he wouldn't leave like my mother did, and now he's gone... I'm alone... I wasn't there for him when he was always there for me... I- I- I- Hot tears streamed down my face, making it impossible for me to see Mr. Werner's expression. "Dear, your uncle Simon is going to take care of you now" He whispered. I couldn't speak, I just nodded weakly. Then, he did something I wasn't expecting, he hugged me. I just hugged him back, crying disconsolately. "Shh, its alright." He cooed. I know that this might look like pedophelia, but, this man, was like my 'father' too. He was always there for me, and he was also very close to my father since highschool.
I can't cry.
I won't cry.
Never again.
I'm going to be strong.
For me, for Daniella, for my dad.
Good bye, Nicholas Cowell. Good bye daddy.
"Miss?" I heard a muffle voice, and I felt a hand shaking me slightly, waking me up "Miss? We arrived to London"
"Thank you" I whispered sadly. I know I promised not to cry, but, I'm still sad. I'll try my best. I put on the best smile I could as the plane stopped.
"Thanks for flying with British Airlines, we hope you enjoyed your flight" The pilot said. People walked out and so did I. As I entered to the airport I recognized my uncle with a sign that said: Samantha Cowell. Paparazzi were all over the place, taking pictures of my uncle smiling warmly and sadly at me. I just smiled back and hugged him.
"Hey Uncle Si" I whispered sadly.
"Hello there Sam. You've grown so much, I'm glad you're here with me. I'm so sorry although, he was my brother, you know?" He said sadly in his british, but lovable, accent. I nodded and he grabbed my lagguage. "Let me help" I just nodded again. Paparazzi continued to take pictures of us, as we entered to the limousine. My uncle waved at them and they started throwing questions at us.
I just smiled at them as my uncle closed the door. "I'm sorry about that... Being a judge in the X-Factor is not so easy" He murmured
"I know Uncle Si. Its perfectly fine" I said smiling reassuringly. "I actually don't watch the X-Factor, because I'm always with aunt June and Daniella"
"Oh yeah, how's Daniella?" He asked, I sighed
"Being bullied" I mumbled "But, she claims being fine so... I just-" I cut myself off before confessing that I sang to her every night before she fell asleep. She said my voice was like 'an angel singing', and blah blah blah.
"You just..." He said making me want to continue
"I'm just angry with the bullies" It wasn't a complete lie, I WAS very angry, but... I know my uncle would ask me to sing, and I'm not exactly pleased with the audience... I have panic. I have fear of 5 things:
1. Audience
2. The pools (I don't know how to swim)
3. Closed spaces (I'm claustrophobic)
4. Rollercoasters
5. The Muppets.
Yeah I know. YOU ARE SCARED OF THE MUPPETS? yeah they freak me out. I always have this nightmares about... Kermit eating me and that kind of stuff.. Ugh. Uncle Si just nodded at me, agreeing with my statement. I'm good at lying actually. I know how to act.
"We're here" He said after a while. We got down and the driver, Charles, got my things down smiling sadly at me. Another thing I hate: Pity. I smiled back, because I don't wanna be rude, but... "Come in" Uncle Si said opening the door. I heard people screaming and laughing. I frowned "Thats the boys" He murmured. The boys?
"Louie get off me!" I heard someone yell.
"LOUIS TOMLINSON GET OFF HARRY NOW!" I heard another voice.
"Fine daddy"
"Good boy"
"Ruff ruff" I laughed at this. Who were this boys? "UNCLE SI?! IS THAT YOU?!?" I heard someone yelling. Uncle Si? UNCLE SI? I HAVE COUSINS!
"I have cousins?" I asked frowning. Uncle Simon laughed, he actually LAUGHED. My eyes opened wide in shock.
"No Sweetheart, they are the boys... Er... Come" He said motioning me to walk with him upstairs. Wow big house. As we arrived upstairs he leaded me to a room. He opened the door reveling 5 good looking guys and an x-box.
"X-BOX!" I yelled happily as I hugged it. The boys looked at me confused, and... with admiration? I just shrugged it off "I'm glad you're here, I was sure I was gonna miss you" I said faking sobs. The boys smiled "Hey! I'm Samantha Cowell" I said happily as I left the X-BOX on the floor.
"Liam Payne"
"Harry Styles here, love"
"This is Zayn Malik, Vas happening?"
"I'm Niall Horan" The blonde one said in an irish accent
"OH MY GOSH! I LOVE YOUR ACCENT!" I squealed. They laughed and I looked at the one with brown hair and icy blue eyes, that was staring at me, smiling warmly. I rasied my eyebrows and he seemed to come back to life.
"Oh yeah, I'm, er..."
"Louis Tomlinson" Harry finished for him
"Yeah that" Louis muttered. I smiled and shook my head slightly "Uncle Si, why didn't you tell us you had a beautiful niece?" Louis asked my uncle
"You never asked" He replied shrugging. I blushed slightly, don't ask why... I've heard a lot of compliments, but... this was... different? Huh, weird. "Well, er, Liam. As I trust you more, you're going to live with my niece, okay?" WAIT WHAT?!
"Whut?" I said in shock.
"I mean, in his flat... Not in the same room... what the hell were you thinking Samantha?" Uncle Si asked chuckling.
"What a normal teenager thinks" I mumbled making Louis laugh, this placed a smile in my lips. What is wrong with me?
"I'm going to tell Charles to take your stuff to Liam's flat. Meanwhile you can... play or something I don't know" Uncle Simon said walking out. I just laughed, he was so stupid sometimes. The boys soon joined me and I laughed harder, what made them laugh too.
"I'M.... DYING..."
"MAKEE.... HER.... STOP.... HER.... LAUGH.... IS... SOO.... CONTAGIOUS" Niall said laughing hard. Then someone kissed me. My eyes opened wide in shock, and I pulled away, looking at a smirking Harry and an angry Louis. The others were shocked. "Okay that wasn't expected. But it worked" Niall said shrugging. I nodded and wiped my lips with the back of my hand. Louis smiled and Harry pouted
"Don't get me wrong, you're a good kisser, but thats not a nice first kiss" I mumbled. Everyone stopped in their tracks.
"FIRST KISS?!?" They all yelled. I nodded slightly embarrassed.
"Sorry about that" Harry muttered ashamed.
"Don't worry about it." I said smiling reassuringly. "Why don't you tell me things about you all? Lets play something... 20 questions?" I suggested. They all nodded and we sat down. "Okay... someone give me a bottle and we can play. The top part asks, and the bottom answers" I explained. They nodded again and Zayn passed me the bottle. I spinned it.
"So, Samantha, why did you move here?" Liam asked me. I looked down sadly
"My mom is dead, and my father died 3 days ago" I whispered sadly as a tear rolled down my cheek, I wiped it quickly.
"Sorry about that" He mumbled
"Don't be. Its the cicle of life" I said singing 'The Lion King'. Everyone looked at me in shock. "What?" I asked smiling.
"You have a pretty voice"
"Spur of the moment" I answered way to fast. "Lets continue" I said changing the subjet "So, Harry!" I said excitedly, he groaned "What are your fears?"
"Rollercoasters" He muttered (A/N: in fact is true!) I smiled at him, we have something in common... Interesting. He spinned the bottle and it landed in me, but this time he asked. "What are YOUR fears?" I froze.
"Can I lie, like... slightly" I said making my voice in high-pitch at the world: slightly. They shook their heads "Okay" I sighed "Audience, The pools, Closed spaces, Rollercoasters and The muppets" I said counting with my fingers. They all laughed at the muppets, but when they calmed down they gave me apolegetical gazes.
"Audince?" Louis asked.
"Only one question at a time Louie, one question at a time" I said, he sighed. I spinned the bottle and it landed on Niall. I smirked mischievously "Niall.... is your hair naturally blond?" I asked tilting my head at a side.
"Nope" He said popping the 'p'. Well that was easy. He spinned the bottle and it landed on Louis. My eyes widen in shock.
"So.. Audience?" He repeated.
"Because of... the people... you know? I don't like... people" I spat. LIES. LIES. LIES. EVERYTHING WAS LIES. But... I didn't really cared.. did I? I feel guilty. Damn it.
"Oh" Was all he said. After playing I learnt a few things: Liam didn't like spoons, he had a girlfriend named Danielle, Louis loves carrots, Harry likes cats, Niall is Irish, his hair isn't blond naturally, and he wished he was taller, Zayn's phrase is: Vas Happening? and he liked chicken...
"Well" I said yawning "I want to sleep" I stated. "See you there Liam?" He nodded and I stood up and walked to the room. I tugged myself in the bed, without changing. I fell asleep instantly.

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